God and Washington Middle School

It was a year ago that Green Bay learned of the deplorable conditions at Washington Middle School. Here is the story of the real Who responsible for that story getting out.

Updated June 12, 2:35 PM

It appears John Muir took umbrage with this podcast. I’ve not listened to John’s comments nor do I intend to. But based on what I’m being told, I would simply say this:

No, John does not say he broke the Washington Middle School story. He was very artful in how he did that.

My intent was not to disparage John. My intent was to make clear that no man, not John, me or anybody else is responsible for how this story got out or how it spread thereafter: God and God alone is. Also, that comment had nothing to do with John’s personal faith in God.

I have said publicly before and will say publicly again: I like John and I want him to succeed.

John, I am saddened that you missed the entire point of the podcast.

Finally: if you take one lesson away from this John, it should be this: ignore criticism (or in this case perceived criticism). All you did was draw attention to this podcast and my web hit count thanks you.


3 thoughts on “God and Washington Middle School”

  1. John is now claiming that he never said that he broke the story. I listened to him when he talked about his role in the Washington Middle School story and it is my opinion that you would have had to listened to him VERY carefully to get that he was giving the credit for breaking that story to someone else. That just shows the problem that he has as a radio talk show host. He is way too imprecise when he talks about something. Boy, I miss your voice on the airwaves!

      1. Tim, I’m on WHBY weekly with Josh Dukelow, Tuesday’s at 10 AM. WHBY.com. I’m also guest hosting on WTMJ next month. I’ll be on 8:30 to Noon, 7/16 and 7/18 and 7/24-25. 620wtmj.com. Thanks!

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