I’m Back, and I Brought a Friend

It’s been months since I’ve done a podcast. There is a season of change in my life. I explain that and introduce a friend in this podcast. And we talk about what divides us today…and what can unite us without compromising what we believe in.

3 thoughts on “I’m Back, and I Brought a Friend”

  1. Hi Jerry and Kristin,

    I listened to Jerry’s radio station for years and it was good to hear his voice again. I enjoyed Jerry’s show because we both share conservative positions without agreeing on every aspect of conservatism. It was this diversity of conservatism that made Jerry’s show a must listen similar to how Ben Shapiro is for me nowadays.
    I agree and respect the challenge of trying to find common ground with folks with differing political views. I actually love to enter in conversations with leftists and liberals because I feel it strengthens my conservatism. As a Black man many leftists practice identity politics so many don’t know what to think when I tell me I’m a conservative and support President Trump. I’ve found when I’m able to listen to how they became a leftist first, they are more willing to hear my conversion to conservatism. Often times I’m able to politically disagree without becoming disagreeable. I learned this technique from listening to Jerry Bader. So Thanks Always Mr. Bader for your wisdom over the years and Godspeed on this new phase of your life.

  2. So miss the Jerry Bader show. I can’t listen to his replacement for more than 10 seconds. It’s so sad that the truth can’t be broadcasted anymore because people are so easily offended. My radio used to be always tuned to WSAU 550, but between Ben Armstrong and John Muir kissing Trumps backside continually, WSAU has been removed from my presets

  3. One thing that I have really looked forward to over the past couple of years has been Jerry’s Christmas music show with all of the wonderful faith-based songs that he shared. Is there any chance that he could do an online streaming version of that show this year? That would be wonderful!

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