I’m Back, and I Brought a Friend

It’s been months since I’ve done a podcast. There is a season of change in my life. I explain that and introduce a friend in this podcast. And we talk about what divides us today…and what can unite us without compromising what we believe in.

1 thought on “I’m Back, and I Brought a Friend”

  1. Hi Jerry and Kristin,

    I listened to Jerry’s radio station for years and it was good to hear his voice again. I enjoyed Jerry’s show because we both share conservative positions without agreeing on every aspect of conservatism. It was this diversity of conservatism that made Jerry’s show a must listen similar to how Ben Shapiro is for me nowadays.
    I agree and respect the challenge of trying to find common ground with folks with differing political views. I actually love to enter in conversations with leftists and liberals because I feel it strengthens my conservatism. As a Black man many leftists practice identity politics so many don’t know what to think when I tell me I’m a conservative and support President Trump. I’ve found when I’m able to listen to how they became a leftist first, they are more willing to hear my conversion to conservatism. Often times I’m able to politically disagree without becoming disagreeable. I learned this technique from listening to Jerry Bader. So Thanks Always Mr. Bader for your wisdom over the years and Godspeed on this new phase of your life.

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