Lego and Let God

I’m not sure why, but I was not a “Lego kid.” In fact, I only recently discovered the Danish company has been around 87 years. I thought I was born too early for Legos to be part of my childhood. Well, life is full of second chances and Lego is now targeting adults; “stressed out adults” to be exact. From the Washington Post:

“Lego, the world’s largest and most profitable toymaker, is zeroing in on a growing demographic: stressed-out adults. The 87-year-old Danish company increasingly bills its brightly colored bricks as a way to drown out the noise of the day and perhaps achieve a measure of mindfulness. The company’s newest kits — which include the Central Perk cafe from the sitcom ‘Friends’ and a vintage 1989 Batmobile — tap into Gen X nostalgia, while its Ideas and Forma lines are being targeted to adults who want to occupy their hands but keep their minds loosely engaged.”

Yes, it seems adults are dropping $800 on Lego’s 7,451-piece Star Wars Millennium Falcon set, or $400 for the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle. “Adults with high-pressured jobs are telling us they’re using Lego to disconnect from the mania of the day,” Lego audience marketing strategist Genevieve Capa Cruz told the Post.

Far be it from me to judge someone else’s stress management strategy. But I would humbly offer an alternative that addresses the cause of our society’s ever-increasing stress level, rather than simply treating the symptoms. “Lego” and give the stress creators in your life to God.

In John 16, Jesus tells the disciples that He will be leaving them. He acknowledges that His departure will create temporary grief. But He also promises them they will see Him again and there will be great joy:

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. John 16:33 (NIV).

Earlier Jesus told the disciples that anything they ask of the Father in His name they will receive. Jesus isn’t suggesting Christ-following means life will always be easy. In fact, he assures us it will be difficult. But when you surrender your whole life to Him and ask for things that bring glory to His Kingdom, it’s the easiest hard thing you’ll ever do. When you have accepted Christ saved you with His own death on the cross, you are acknowledging you know you will spend eternity with Him. That doesn’t make worldly problems go away. But it does make God very big and your problems very small. Especially when you turn them over to Him and trust that when you dedicate your life to Him, he’ll get you through whatever is causing stress in your life.

There is an old expression: “the only person who gets rich in a gold rush is the person selling picks and shovels.” Anxiety and stress are producing a 21st-century gold rush and Lego and other companies are selling the picks and shovels. I pray people avoid the fool’s gold of treating the symptoms of a stressed-out society and turn to the one true cure: Jesus. And besides, you can always play with an $800 dollar Lego set just for the joy of feeling like a kid.

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