Welcome to Jerry Bader Live

First, thanks for checking out jerrybaderlive.com. We’d like to tell you a little about what you’re going to find here, but if you were a listener to my radio show I can tell you that you already have a pretty good idea. We’ll talk about everything from a conservative world view: politics, pop culture, sports and faith life issues. Our mission is: to inform, entertain and pursue the truth; in all things.

If you live in Northeastern Wisconsin, we will continue to break stories on local issues; stories you won’t find reported anywhere else. If you live anywhere else in Wisconsin or the world, we’ll be discussing issues important to you. So, how will we do that?

1) Podcasting. Each day I will post a roughly 30-minute show in three segments.
2) This blog. When there is something I think you’ll find interesting, I’ll write about it
3) Coming soon: The Jerry Bader Facebook Live show. Details still to be determined

In our work here, we will always strive to be positive; building up without tearing down. That doesn’t mean never disagreeing or challenging the actions of others. But we will always strive to do that in a way that reflects Christ. We hope you come back often and find what we have to offer beneficial to you!

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