Will WI Republicans Stand Up For Harley Davidson

As President Trump prepares to come to Wisconsin Thursday for the Foxconn groundbreaking, he continues to trash Harley Davidson for moving some production overseas in response to his trade policies. This includes false statements about Harley Davidson. Wisconsin Republicans, for the most part, have given tepid statements that do not directly address Trump’s threats to Harley nor even mention the president by name. Will they stand up for a venerable Wisconsin company?

2 thoughts on “Will WI Republicans Stand Up For Harley Davidson”

  1. Jerry, this podcast was brilliant! The way our state reps will not stand up for Harley is proof that all politicians are generally the same. We would’ve heard all of the Republican reps scream at the top of their collective lungs if a Democrat was saying these things about Harley. But for some reason, they don’t have the stones to stand up to their own party’s leader. Keep up the good work Jerry!

    1. Thanks Joel:
      Clearly POTUS is trying to send a message to other companies that may face the economic reality of moving production overseas because of his policies. Silence by Republicans in Wisconsin sends the signal they won’t get any ground support from their GOP representatives when Trump makes false accusations against them. Harley’s moves are precipitated by Trump’s actions. Period. He is, in essence, blaming the victim for his own actions. I had one GOP lawmaker tell me he would have reacted in the same muted fashion were this President Obama. Let’s just call that unlikely 🙂

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